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Christian's Story

Christian Deon Roberts was born in May 1994.  He grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland with his parents and two older siblings.  Christian attended elementary, middle and high school in Silver Spring, Maryland and also attended and graduated in 2017 from Stevenson University with a Bachelors of Science degree. 

Christian was a loving and giving person and had a heart of gold.  He loved his family and enjoyed family gatherings, especially holidays and birthdays.  He was well-liked and made friends wherever he went.  This was apparent after his death when so many people told his family that Christian was their best friend.

Christian was an outstanding basketball player and was nicknamed “Splash” for his sweet jump shot and three pointers. He won many basketball accolades and was well known throughout the basketball community.   Christian loved God, loved playing basketball, loved people, and he made a tremendous impact on everyone he encountered.

Prior to his passing, Christian’s desire was to open his own physical training facility to help young people learn how to develop their bodies mentally and physically to be successful in sports.


No one can take  away the joy that you've brought us.  Your name and great deeds will live on forever and because of you we will shine brighter and work harder.  You've given me and many others the drive to love unconditionally.  Thank you for your time here.

Church Friend

 I will miss seeing your success in this world. You were always a quiet peaceful soul to be around, yet packed with so much gifting and grace. Amazing basketball player and loved God first. 

College Friend

Thank you for everything bro.  The laughs, the disagreements, the advice, the corny jokes, for keeping me from doing crazy stuff.  You became a piece of me and that piece will live in me forever.  Love you bro.

“Once you put things into perspective and become in tune with the world around you, the easier it is to love.”

- Christian Roberts

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