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Our Programs

Peace Protest

Stop the Violence

This program for middle school and high school students is designed to provide conflict-resolution strategies and skills to reduce aggressive behavior and prevent violence.  The activities of the Stop the Violence Program address both the community and those individuals who are most at risk of involvement in violence such as shootings, killings, domestic, or armed thefts.

The program aims to change operative norms regarding violence, both in the wider community and among its clients through a public education campaign and mentoring efforts of outreach ambassadors who attempt to influence beliefs about the appropriateness of violence. The public education campaign and mentoring efforts seek both to change violence-related norms and to enhance the perception of the risks of engaging in violence.

Shoe Drives

We provide shoes, socks, toiletries, and other personal products to the homeless community or others in need, free of charge, in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. We collect new and lightly-used shoes for men, women, and children, along with items needed for personal use, such as socks and toiletries, from various sources throughout the United States. We hold several events and shoe drives throughout the year to collect these items, and also have shoe drop off locations. We give away donated shoes, along with socks and toiletries to the homeless community twice per year. 



The Christian Roberts Scholarship Program was established by The Roberts Family in 2019. The scholarship fund is to support young men or women who have been victims of gun violence and are active in their community and desire to attend trade school or college in the Washington, DC  Metropolitan area. The Roberts Family understands the value and significance of community involvement and diversity investment in support of future students. This scholarship aims to aid those young men and women who were impacted by the loss or injury of a loved one due to gun violence.  The purpose of this scholarship is to ensure that the most deserving students have additional support in addition to their opportunity to learn. 

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